• The Role of Food Systems International (FSI)

    The Role of Food Systems International (FSI)

The Role of Food Systems International (FSI)
We work with providers of all types in accessing new markets and in helping them to participate in existing opportunities.

The role of FSI goes well beyond sales agent. Due to our global experience FSI provides market expansion services in helping other companies to grow by doing what they do best, and to develop their markets by expanding domestically and globally. In the food distribution world, business is a rather complex requiring a host of resources, skills and relationships. Mostly, it requires a trusted advisor/s with a breadth and depth of knowledge and relationships worldwide. FSI understands the mechanisms in moving food on domestic and International levels.

FSI’s purpose is to work with providers of all types in accessing new markets and in helping them to participate in existing opportunities. We provide the breadth and depth of our expertise and relationships in more efficiently increasing your market share, penetration and coverage while reducing fixed costs and operational complexity. In this way, FSI adds substantially more value than traditional sales agent.

A key value proposition is how FSI helps companies grow their business in new and existing markets. FSI has the insight and the relationships in gaining market knowledge, while quickly enlarging their client’s customer base while also tapping into new revenue opportunities. Unlike traditional sales agents, we pave the way to geographic expansion. Moreover, we help companies with primary or front-end business processes that involve a substantial level of direct customer contact and continued interaction. Our work with Georgia Tech’s Integrated Food Chain Research Center provides a global platform for marketing and education.

Examples include marketing and sales, logistics and distribution, and customer services. These activities are predominantly driven by the specific local needs (e.g. cultural factors, regulatory requirements and product controls) that companies have to take into account when they enter new markets. There are also industry-specific services, such as various controls and protocols to assure the transport and delivery of safe, wholesome foods. This is a critical consideration as in tapping into a highly regulated market.
FSI providers focus on integrating numerous different services into end-to-end solutions. This sets FSI apart from sales agents and pure play logistics providers where each focus on a specific element of the value chain. This approach reduces both complexity and coordination costs.

FSI can assist in start-up and market expansion as we operate in several geographic markets but in one (food) industry only. Our value proposition is our industry specialization coupled the ability to achieve critical mass in various countries ensuring operational efficiency and synergies. As food industry experts we cover the entire value chain. As an example we can offer complete solutions from distribution to logistics to marketing and after-sales services.

With the help of FSI, smaller to mid-tier companies can quickly enter markets at much reduced risk and without any fixed overheads. This is due to FSI’s approach in managing the whole value chain from marketing and sales to distribution and after-sales activities for each and every customer.

In return for our services, the sales generated and the value provided, we work off a fixed fee and sales commission.

Graphically, our services are depicted below:


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